Shadow Layer
Walnut Layer

Two layers of Chocolate, one layer of Yellow cake, White Butte rCream inside and outside poured Chocolate

Yellow cake, Walnut Butter Cream inside and outside Walnut Garnish

Mocha Layer
German Chocolate Layer Cake

Two layers of Yellow cake, one layer of Chocolate cake. Mocha Butter Cream inside and outside

Chocolate cake, German Chocolate Filling (honey, nuts and coconut). Fudge Icing/Poured Chocolate.

Raspberry Drizzle Layer Cake
Zebra Layer Cake

Chocolate cake, Raspberry and poured chocolate filling. Chocolate Butter Cream icing

Chocolate Cake, Fudge and White Butter Cream Inside and Outside

Oreo Layer Cake
Chocolate Fudge Layer Cake

Chocolate cake, White Butter Cream with Crushed Oreos inside and outside.

Chocolate cake, Butter Cream filling, Chocolate Fudge outside

White Fudge Layer Cake
Fudge Crunch Layer Cake

Yelllow cake, Chocolate Butter Cream filling. Chocolate Fudge outside

Chocolate cake, Chocolate Fudge inside and outside, Chocolate Crunchies Garnish

Death By Chocolate Layer Cake
Rainbow Layer Cake

Chocolate cake, Fudge Filling, Grenache Icing with Chocolate Curls Garnish

Like the Cookie! Poured Chocolate/Fudge icing

Balloon Layer Cake
Chocolate Cheese Supreme Layer Cake

Yellow cake, Chocolate Fudge Filling. White Butter Cream Icing.

Chocolate cake, Marble Cheese Cake, Fudge filling. Poured Chocolate on the outside

7 Layer Cake
Chocolate Delight Birthday Cake

Yellow cake, Chocolate Butter Cream, Fudge icing

Chocolate cake, Chocolate Pudding filling, Fudge/Poured Chocolate icing

Butter Cream Birthday Cake
Whip Cream Birthday Cake

Yellow cake, Chocolate Pudding or Strawberry Filling, Butter Cream Icing. 7” & 9”

Yellow cake, Chocolate Pudding or Strawberry Filling, Whip Cream icing. 7” & 9”

Strawberry Short Cake
Igloo Cake

Yellow cake, Strawberry filling, Whip Cream Icing, Fresh Strawberr Garnish

Chocolate cake, Whip Cream, Banana, Peaches, Fresh Strawberry filling. Whip cream icing

Canola Cake
Chocolate Mousse Cake

Yellow cake, Canola filling, Chocolate Whip Cream icing

Chocolate cake, Chocolate Mousse inside and outside

Tiramisu Cake
Blackout Layer Cake

Yellow cake, Coffee Flavored Tiramisu Mousse, Lady Finger Cookies

Chocolate cake, Dark Chocolate Pudding inside, Grenache outside

Banana Cream Pie
Chocolate Cream Pie

Fresh Bananas and Custard, Whip Cream icing

Chocolate Pudding, Whip Cream icing

Benkert's Mud Pie
Carrot Cake

Chocolate cake, Chocolate Pudding/Canola Filling, Grenache icing

Cream Cheese icing, inside and outside

Red Velvet Cake
Chocolate Strawberry Short Cake

Cream Cheese icing, inside and outside

Yellow cake, Strawberry filling, Grenache icing

Brownie Torte
Brownie Cream Cheese Pie

Brownie cake, Chocolate Fudge icing inside and outside

Brownie Pie and Chocolate Fudge and Cream Cheese icing
Custard Fruit Torte
½ & ½ Layer

Yellow cake, Fresh Fruit Garnish, Custard filling

Two layers yellow cake, one layer chocolate cake. Chocolate and White Butter Cream Icing inside and outside
Black Forest Layer
Chocolate cake, Black Cherry filling with Rum and Whip Cream Outside
Lindy fudge swirl marble cheese
Black forest cheese marble cheese
Italian cheese ricotta cheese
Brooklyn cheese (sourcream cheese
Cherry cheese
Blueberry cheese
Pineapple cheese
3 fruit cheese (pineapple, cherry, blueberry)
Tropical fruit cheese
Strawberry cheese
Strawberry cream cheese pie
Blueberry cream cheese pie
Cheese crumb torte (raspberry, applecarmel, chocolate)
French apple cheese apples inside and garnished
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